Weekly Web Review – Week 40

Check out the latest news about proton therapy: this week, find out how this state-of-the-art treatment modality is helping more and more people and is improving cancer outcomes.


5-year-old all clear from cancer

Harvey Thompson, a five-year-old boy from York, UK went to the United States for pioneering cancer treatment and is now clear of the his brain tumor.

Harvey was found to have a tumor the size of an orange in his brain and he underwent an urgent 13-hour operation to remove it. He then went to Oklahoma earlier this year for proton therapy to safely remove the final part of the tumor from his brain stem. A scan taken this week has confirmed Harvey is now cancer-free.

Harvey’s dad said: “He is doing really well. Part of the tumor is still there but it’s not cancerous. He’s doing really well at school. He is a totally different child now that he is back from America.”

As reported previously in the press, the Thompson family received financial help from the charity Kids ‘n’ Cancer UK while they were in America. “We want to thank the people that did donate for their generosity and now Harvey is hopefully in the clear.”


Source : http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/11500329.Harvey__5__gets_cancer_all_clear/


Young cancer patients’ reunion

A group of British children who received pioneering cancer treatment in America came together in Chesterfield for a special reunion. More than 300 people attended the event, with patients between three and 20 years old, and their families.

National charity Kids ‘n’ Cancer UK, based in Chesterfield, coordinated the reunion of around 50 youngsters who have received proton therapy treatment at either the ProCure Proton Therapy Centre in Oklahoma City or the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute in Jacksonville. The families attended a special dinner and joined in the celebrations the following day.

Kids ‘n’ Cancer was formed four years ago and has so far helped 70 children to receive life-saving Proton Therapy treatment in the USA. The charity also helps to fund living and accommodation for patients who receive government funding for their treatment.


Source : http://yorkshiretimes.co.uk/article/Special-reunion-event-for-young-cancer-patients


100th milestone at Scripps

Scripps Health in California has reached a milestone in cancer treatment this month, as it completed its 100th treatment using proton therapy, which targets cancer cells with “laser-type” focus.

The proton therapy center, which opened seven months ago, is one of 14 such locations in the nation. Originally treating straightforward cancers, such as prostate cancer, the center has now treated patients with tumors in the lung, brain, spinal chord, base of skull, head and neck, central nervous systems, pancreas, rectum, esophagus, breast, and testis, among others.

The center is giving patients a higher level of care. « With proton therapy, Scripps Health now offers patients the complete spectrum of cancer treatment options in San Diego County, based on what is best for each individual situation, » Scripps vice president said. « Next, the health system wants to spread the word to the public about available treatments and also be involved with research studies to optimize proton therapy use. »


Source : https://thecoastnews.com/2014/09/scripps-reaches-milestone-with-cancer-treatment-option/