WEB REVIEW – Tyler is full of life after treatment in America

4-year-old Tyler Martin was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer a year ago and had to fly to America for specialist treatment when it reached 1 mm away from his brain. After losing sight in one eye, he can now say he’s feeling better.

The NHS agreed to fly Tyler, his mom Tracey and his dad Steve out to Florida for the treatment. Despite undergoing gruelling chemotherapy and proton therapy for seven weeks, the family were still able to enjoy the trip, with visits to American football games and an alligator farm.

His family are waiting for an appointment to see their consultant but they hope everything is fine now. Tyler faces regular MRI scans to check on his progress, and although he lost the sight in his left eye, there is no nerve damage so the family is hopeful it may return.

His mom said: ‘He’s in school full time. He’s really enjoying it. ‘It all seems so surreal, it was only a year ago that he was diagnosed. It’s brilliant to see how well he’s coping, to finally have it finished is a big relief.’