WEB REVIEW – Toddler’s cancer spotted by chance

Three-year-old Zack Nicholls is fighting Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer which strikes less than 35 children in the UK every year. His disease was discovered by pure luck after he fell out of bed.


“Zack’s journey started on September 6 last year when he fell out of bed,” said his mom. “I checked him over and I found a big lump on his shoulder. Zack underwent a series of tests and on October 2 he had a central line put in and I was told he had Ewing’s sarcoma of his scapula.”

Zach then went on to have chemotherapy treatment and had surgery in February to remove his shoulder blade and part of his collar bone. Unfortunately they only killed 75% of the tumor. The next recommended course of action was radiotherapy which they don’t like to do in young children because it stops the bones from growing.







Melanie applied for Zack to have radical proton beam therapy at Oklahoma City Hospital in America, and within days she was accepted. “For a child that’s growing, the proton therapy will do less damage, but that doesn’t mean all the risks are gone,” said Zach’s mom.

“The hardest thing as a mom is seeing how this disease scars and takes part of your baby away. It’s cruel but little ones just bounce back. Zack has never sat down and felt sorry for himself. He is still my perfect little baby no matter how many tubes I’ve seen coming out of him or how many scars he’s got.”