WEB REVIEW – Teenager shaves her head for her cancer friend

Charlie Hemming, a 15 year old British teenager with bladder cancer, can really count on her best friend: yesterday, the young girl shaved her hair to raise funds so her friend can see her family this Christmas.

Charlie Hemming is being flown to Oklahoma, USA, to be treated with proton therapy (not yet available in the UK), but the NHS will only pay for her mom and another guest.

Faye, who has known Charlie for two-and-a-half years decided to raise money to help send her whole family to the US. Charlie, who can no longer attend school, was unable to make the event as she is undergoing chemotherapy three times a week. “It’s a quick way to raise money so that the rest of her family can wake up with her on Christmas morning”, said Faye. “Even if it’s just a little, it’s still going towards the full amount so hopefully a little can go a long way.”

Charlie’s teacher said: “You only have to look around at the number of children who are supporting the fundraiser for Faye to have her hair chopped to see that she is extremely popular among her peers. She has been so strong and I have no doubt that she will continue to be.”

Charlie is hoping to raise around £15K BY December to fly her Dad out to America for two weeks with her 4 brothers and sisters. “We are so grateful for the continued support to raise funds for Charlie to have this one wish come true”, her mom said. “From Charlie’s friends to the whole community and even strangers who have put their hands in their pockets, it’s overwhelming.”