WEB REVIEW – Raising £40k for little boy’s US proton treatment

Jayden Nicol, a brave British six-year-old, has flown to the US to fight his cancer and undergo potentially life-saving proton therapy treatment after his family rallied to raise £40,000 in just three weeks.

Jayden was first seen by doctors when his family took him to St John’s Hospital in Livingston after he was sick every morning for weeks. An MRI scan revealed a massive tumor on his brain stem. He was diagnosed with an ependymoma, a rare form of tumor which affects the central nervous system, and underwent a ten-hour operation that left him in a wheelchair.

His family has been working round the clock to collect the cash needed to fund their visit to Florida after doctors insisted the move was their best hope. They were able to raise an astonishing £40,300 to cover the cost of accommodation and food, while the NHS will pick up the bill for the treatment.

Jayden and his family are now in Florida, where he will undergo specialized proton beam treatment five days a week, although doctors have warned there are no guarantees the cancer will not return.


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