WEB REVIEW – English teacher battling cancer and insurance company

Carin Graber, an English teacher at Bonnabel High School in Kenner, Louisiana is battling both brain cancer and her insurance company.

After two prior surgeries, Carin’s doctor at MD Anderson in Texas wanted to try an advanced type of radiation called Proton Beam Therapy. “I think it’s probably about twice as expensive as normal radiation, but quite a bit safer for a cancer patient that has brain cancer,” said her husband Brian Graber.

Carin’s treatment is now on hold. Her insurance denied coverage saying there is insufficient scientific evidence to show improved health outcomes using this therapy. “It’s been around 50 years,” said Brian. “They’ve developed this into a state-of-the-art procedure. Most insurance companies cover this.”

Carin says her heart sunk when she got the denial notice.

“I believe if I were to lose anymore brain cells that I wouldn’t be able to live a normal life,” said Carin Graber. “I have trouble finding words and it’s already hard for me.”

The Grabers are now trying to raise the estimated $90,000 cost of the Proton Beam Therapy. If you can help, log on to www.helpforcaringraber.com