WEB REVIEW – Brave Chloe starts her treatment in the US

Seven-year-old Chloe Moss has started specialized treatment in the US after a tumor the size of half a house brick was removed from her brain.

 Chloe was just three when she had the tumor removed. She then had 15 months of intensive chemotherapy but doctors found two smaller tumors in August. Chloe’s dad said: “The news that Chloe had to have the proton therapy treatment came as a complete shock. The doctors told us it would give Chloe a much better chance of beating the cancer and she needed it as soon as possible. ”

Chloe flew to Florida earlier this month to receive £300k proton therapy treatment, which is not yet available in the UK. The treatment is being paid for by the NHS, but a campaign has been launched to raise £10,000 to cover the family’s living costs during their 3-month stay.

Charity Cauldwell Children is backing the fundraising campaign. The charity’s chief executive said: “This is an immensely stressful time for Chloe’s family and any help we can give to make their time as comfortable as possible is surely worthwhile.”


“Everyone has been so supportive during Chloe’s battle”, her dad said. “The only way we can repay them is doing everything possible to make sure she is okay.”


You can donate online at www.justgiving.com/givechloeachance.


Source : http://www.pontefractandcastlefordexpress.co.uk/news/local-news/brave-chloe-starts-her-treatment-in-us-1-6255965