WEB REVIEW – Brain cancer survivor becomes baking entrepreneur

Rebecca Ray, a Jacksonville teenager, used her love of baking to get through her battle against brain cancer. From a simple distraction, it turned into a sweet and savory new business.

After Rebecca was diagnosed with cancer, she found her sanctuary in the kitchen. Her cake-baking began during her time at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. After 15 weeks of chemotherapy, numerous rounds of proton therapy and surgeries, she perfected her recipes and the skills she would need to become a cupcake connoisseur.

« This just gave her an outlet and it was good therapy for her, » said Becca’s mom, Sondra Ray. « You know, anytime she could do anything that would challenge her fine motor skills was a benefit for her and we had fun sitting there playing ».

Becca Ray is now in remission and still has regular checkups and scans every six months to make sure her cancer is in check. She is the CEO of her own company, Becca Bakes Cakes. The entrepreneur has been stirring up success with the company for more than a year now.