WEB REVIEW – Bella’s benefit

Isabella ‘Bella’ Rennie has just turned 3. Weeks before her 2nd birthday in January 2012 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her life and her family’s changed forever.

Bella had been a healthy girl, apart from the usual colds and a bout of chickenpox. For a long period, she displayed a head tilt, and in late 2011, she began to display facial asymmetry and have trouble fully closing her left eye. On 11 January, following an MRI scan, Bella’s doctors found a tumor pressing on her brain stem and running through crucial nerves, causing weakness on the left side of her face.

She had to undergo 7 hours of surgery. The neurosurgeon amazingly managed to resect 70% of the tumor. Taking anymore would have left Bella severely disabled. As the family were planning to have Bella home in time for her little sister’s 1st birthday in June, Bella’s low grade brain tumor began to showing signs of enhancement, and another tumor had grown on her spinal cord.

The many rounds of chemo only stabilized her tumors, and Bella now needs a trip to USA for proton beam therapy in hope for a cure. If you want to help her go through this ordeal, please visit http://gogetfunding.com/project/bella-s-benefit. Thank you in advance on behalf of Isabella and her family and friends.