WEB REVIEW – 9-year-old fighting brain cancer

Cameron Rowell is taking on his biggest opponent yet, brain cancer. The 9-year-old who plays football, baseball and basketball was diagnosed with an ependymoma on February 28. The symptoms started a couple weeks after he was hit in the head with a baseball.

Glenn and Elicia Rowell worried their son’s pain and overall lethargy had to do with the injury. At the hospital, they were preparing for a concussion or even bleeding in his brain, but never cancer.

Three days later, Cameron underwent emergency surgery to remove the mass. He has adjusted better than anyone expected. The day before surgery, he told his parents he was ready. “He’s like the strongest, stronger than us, probably,” Elicia said.



He will start proton radiation therapy on Monday. Doctors are optimistic. For the next phase of treatment, the family must lease an apartment in Jacksonville for six weeks. Glenn and Elicia plan to take turns staying with Cameron and their three other sons. Radiation is scheduled to end a few days before Cameron’s 10th birthday. Everyone hopes for the same present: a clean bill of health.


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