Treating cancer with Pencil Beam Scanning

Pencil Beam Scanning (PBS) is a new technology being developed to fasten and sharpen the delivery of intensity-modulated proton therapy without the usage of aperture and compensators. It is being designed to be the revolutionary proton delivery technique of the coming years and to improve both treatment easiness and patient throughput.

The development of PBS is speeding up thanks to the intense and productive collaboration of manufacturers like IBA (Ion Beam Applications)the Burr Proton Therapy Center team (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts), the National Cancer Center Korea (Ilsan, Korea) and the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute (Jacksonville, Florida), working altogether to make PBS a reality.

The prototyping phase has reached an end and the design of the clinical system is in progress. Product development will be done in parallel to add the required new features to all major subsystems. The beam production system will include a faster and more accurate beam intensity control. The energy selection and the beam transport system will allow a faster and more accurate change of beam energy. The beam delivery system will include a new scanning controller and the treatment control system will provide the clinical interface for the delivery of PBS irradiation.