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WEB REVIEW – Conch Republic’s Peter Anderson survives cancer

After being diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer last October and given 3 months to live, Sir Peter Anderson, 67, rode in the front of the Conch Republic Independence celebration parade with his daughter and former wife. In 1990, Anderson was appointed Secretary General of the Conch Republic, the fake country created in 1982 by Key West leaders so they could “secede” from the United States. He took the humorous role super-seriously, and for 25 years, has been the public face of the Conch Republic, keeping alive its fun-loving spirit, charity works and zany independence events.   But this year, Anderson was not expected to attend the 32nd Conch Republic parade. He was supposed to be dead : last October, he was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. « The doctor gave me... Full article