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Moving on from prostate cancer

After Ben Smith was “fired” by his urologist 10 years ago for declining to undergo a radical prostatectomy to treat his prostate cancer, Smith fired up his computer and got to work. “I started doing Internet research and looking at every available therapy at the time, even cryotherapy,” the 62-year-old Cocoa Beach, Florida, resident says. “All of the treatments had pretty good efficacy. But then, they would talk all about the possible side effects like impotence and incontinence — except for proton beam therapy.” At the time, there were only a handful of clinical centers offering proton therapy in the United States, including ones in Boston, Massachusetts, and Loma Linda, California. “I did a little more homework and found that the University of Florida was... Full article

REVIEW – Man running for his friend with brain cancer

Nigel Maeer, a 32-year-old service engineer from Sidmouth, UK has raised £500 after running a half marathon in aid of Matt Rackley, a young father with a brain tumor who is preparing to make a life-changing trip to America. Nigel ran the Torbay Half Marathon at the end of June in the first of three charity ventures for Matt. Nigel worked with Matt before he knew of his condition and decided to fundraise for him as... Full article

WEB REVIEW : British cancer boy’s letter from America

12 year-old boyis currently undergoing proton therapy in Jacksonville, Florida, for a rare tumor in his neck and jaw. He is the only child in the UK and the third child
in the world to be diagnosed with a mucoepidermoid tumor.   In response to Adrian’s remarkable story, Princethorpe College house coordinator Laura Miller rallied support and held a charity day involving over 600 pupils, 60 members of staff... Full article

Study shows proton therapy cuts risk of secondary tumors nearly in half compared to photon radiation

Names of people separated by commas
A study published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology • Biology • Physics has shown that proton therapy reduces the risk of a patient developing a second tumor by nearly half as compared with conventional radiation (photon) therapy. The impetus for doing the study was to see if the improved dose distribution achievable with protons as compared with photons would translate into a reduced rate for... Full article

WEB REVIEW – “Proton Therapy in Prague was the number one choice for me“

Benedek is a 39 year old from Belgium. At the end of 2013, Benedek underwent chemotherapy in order to treat a spinal cord tumour. Unfortunately this was not very effective and so he had to decide upon subsequent treatments. His Czech wife discovered the Proton Centre in Prague.   “Together with my doctors, we came to the conclusion that proton therapy was the only reasonable treatment since the tumour is... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Raising funds to honor their son

Stollery music program for Proton Therapy
To honor their son who died with cancer after many treatments, including proton therapy, a couple decided to raise funds to start a music therapy program at Stollery Children's Hospital. In 2011, Aidan Barnes was diagnosed with undifferentiated sarcoma on the back of his skull. When he stopped responding to chemotherapy, he was referred to the Massachusetts General Hospital for proton radiation therapy, as it was... Full article

WEB REVIEW – « I Had Cancer »

I had cancer community support
I Had Cancer is a cancer support community that empowers people to take control of their life before, during and after cancer. Peer-to-peer support is crucial because it allows to share firsthand experiences about treatment, side effects, long term effects and more. Cancer can be isolating and scary, but I Had Cancer helps anyone who has been affected by cancer find real support and real answers from those who have been... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Proton Therapy for prostate cancer at Loma Linda

Loma Linda Proton Therapy Center
More men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year than any other cancer. It is slow growing, but left untreated, it can be a killer. Revolutionary treatment options just minutes from the Valley are allowing men with prostate cancer for a much better life. "It was actually a fantastic adventure," said Hilton Cranston-Whittaker about his battle with cancer. "I had high blood pressure at the time, but it never... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Brave 5-year-old fighting rhabdomyosarcoma

Sam Santhuff proton therapy treatment
Sam Santhuff, 5 years old, went to pick blackberries with his twin sister Ava and his dad Matt on August 1. Somehow, Sam got over 100 seed ticks bite, and his parents, fearing Lyme disease, took him to the doctor. When applying lotion on her son’s bites, his mom Cassie noticed a bump in his nose and took him to an ENT doctor. After several biopsies and as many doctors, on Aug. 26, Sam was diagnosed with... Full article

WEB REVIEW – 3-year-old cancer survivor is going to school

3-year-old cancer survivor is going to school thanks to proton therapy
When Lucas was one year old, he was diagnosed with a rare bladder cancer. At only three years old, he has now been through more challenges than most people in their lifetime. And after being told twice that their son would not live, his parents are preparing to watch him go to school for the first time. In 2011, Lucas’s family flew him to Florida in the US to undergo proton therapy treatment. But before he could... Full article

WEB REVIEW – 1st patient treated at S. Lee Kling Proton Therapy Center

Last month, a 33-year-old man from Leasburg, Missouri, receives a revolutionary form of highly accurate radiation treatment. Steven Osborne has a rare type of cancer called chondrosarcoma at the base of his skull. He will be undergoing a 30- to 45-minute session each weekday for seven weeks at S. Lee Kling Proton Therapy Center at Washington University Medical Center. Patients eligible for the therapy at the center have cancer near vital organs such as the spine, brain, heart and eyes. « Proton therapy is unique because it allows for very precise adjustments to the radiation beam,... Full article
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