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Little girl brightens Christmas for family and schoolmates three years after proton treatments

[Editor’s Note: This is the fourth Christmas in as many years we have written about Georgia Halliwell-Paget, a 6-year-old girl now living in the U.K. She received proton beam treatments during Christmas 2012.]   An enormous stuffed snow leopard, a gift from Father Christmas last year, reclines nobly at the foot of Georgia Halliwell-Paget’s bed. The cuddly beast is one of many protectors of the slight 6-year-old girl with the buoyant smile, who is reveling in her cancer-free life in Britain’s Shropshire County. This Christmas, Georgia is wishing for a stuffed giraffe she spied at the local department store. Not surprisingly, it’s as colossal as the snow leopard and, if Father Christmas is so inclined, will tower over Georgia’s tiny frame. But Georgia finds... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Little Shaun with brain cancer is struggling for life

shaun battling cancer with proton therapy
Shaun Currie’s parents learned last month that their four-year-old son was suffering from a terminal brain tumor. The little Scottish boy has spent the past few days in Yorkhill Children's Hospital, in Glasgow, and the nearby Beatson cancer center. Shaun’s parents first realized something was wrong with Shaun when he felt poorly and became unsteady on his feet. His doctor sent him to the hospital, where he was... Full article

Secondary and recurrent cancers may be good candidates for protons

Anita Mahajan, MD, medical director at MD Anderson Proton Center in Houston, Texas.
For cancer survivors, cancer’s return can be a sudden, agonizing punch to the gut. And that’s especially true for patients whose cancer develops in the same area where the first cancer had been successfully treated with radiation. Physicians have a harder time using photon treatments a second time. They don’t want inadvertent radiation to re-injure adjacent tissues and organs — over and above the... Full article

WEB REVIEW – The fight of a 55-year-old with prostate cancer

Rick Kasprzak proton therapy
55-year-old Chicago resident Rick Kasprzak has been on an emotional two-year roller-coaster that, not a minute too soon, is finally slowing down. In summer 2011, Rick saw his primary care physician for an annual physical exam, including a blood test for prostate cancer. The results were higher than normal. However, the situation was not critical, just something that needed to be monitored. In summer of 2012, Rick was... Full article

Prostate cancer and protons forge lasting brotherhood

Bill Friedlander, a prostate cancer survivor and former proton therapy patient.
Proton therapy advocate Bob Marckini calls it the “Brotherhood of the Balloon.” It’s the lasting bond of fellowship forged among men who, day after day, come to know one another as they wait their turn to have their prostate cancer zapped by protons. Wisconsin resident Bill Friedlander found the camaraderie among prostate cancer patients one of the most rewarding aspects of his proton treatments earlier this year... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Proton Therapy, a new way of fighting cancer

Mike Buettner prostate cancer survivor thanks to Proton Therapy
When Mike Buettner learned he had prostate cancer, it was a scary shock. As a pastor, he had presided many cancer patients’ funerals. Now he’s cancer-free, after undergoing a newer kind of radiation therapy in an Oklahoma City clinic. He now wants to get the word out about being aware of prostate cancer. And he is an advocate for the treatment he received : proton therapy. Buettner’s story began with an annual... Full article

Study compares organ-sparing properties of protons with other breast cancer treatments

L. Christine Fang, M.D., radiation oncologist, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy, A ProCure Center in Seattle, Washington.
A recent study showed proton therapy to be superior to three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT), intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), and helical tomotherapy (HT) in sparing the heart and coronary arteries from unintended radiation when treating Stage III breast cancer. “The study validates what we had hypothesized, which is that with the use of proton therapy, we can greatly reduce radiation... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Funds sought for brain cancer boy

Funds sought for cancer battle boy for Proton therapy
Jamie Green, a 13-year-old boy, has been diagnosed with a highly aggressive type of cancer called medulloblastoma, which may have spread to his spine. His family are trying to raise 250.000 pounds for treatment in the US. Jamie was diagnosed in July and had immediate surgery in Oxford to remove the tumor, which was more than 4cm in size. Now, he needs state-of-the-art proton therapy, a type of treatment that targets... Full article

Wisconsin family finds warmth in the Windy City

Amy High and Hunter Proton Therapy
Her son Hunter’s significant weight loss and debilitating headaches were signs of concern for Amy High. After numerous visits to emergency rooms and doctors’ offices, and an incorrect diagnosis of migraine headaches, an MRI revealed the cause of these troubling symptoms: medulloblastoma — a brain tumor — diagnosed in June 2013. Immediately after the diagnosis, 14-year-old Hunter was sent by ambulance to the... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Mom fights brain tumor for her family

Mother battles brain tumor proton therapy
Catherline Ledlow, 33-year-old mom from Oklahoma, had just given birth to her second child when she found out she had a rare form of cancerous tumor growing on her brain : an oligoastrocytoma. Catherine wanted the best treatment possible to be able to live a full long life with her husband and children, and turned towards proton therapy. Doctors at Oklahoma City's ProCure Proton Therapy Center said the tumor is... Full article

A year after a Christmas wish, time to live like other little girls

At home in Manilla, 4-year-old Georgia Halliwell-Paget and her big brother, AJ, are spending their last Christmas in the Philippines. Christmas will be in the UK in 2014.
Georgia Halliwell-Paget’s wish from Santa this year is like that of any other 4-year-old girl. A Barbie doll. More specifically, a purple Barbie with wings. “And a pink train and red yo-yo,” adds her dad, Nick. “She’s really into pinks and purples. She’s a real girly girl.” Nick and Becca, his spouse, are ecstatic. Georgia is back to being a bouncy little girl. Fun, happy  and “full of life,” he... Full article
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