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Check out the latest news about proton therapy: this week, find out how this state-of-the-art treatment modality is giving hope and helping young people make new life projects.   EXAMS SUCCESS FOR TUMOR SURVIVOR 16-year-old Ben Anderson, who did his exams revision while being treated by proton therapy in the U.S. for a brain tumor, is now celebrating after getting the GCSE (general certificate of secondary education) he feared he would never achieve. Before his diagnosis in August 2013, Ben had been sick every morning for several years, and had suffered from many headaches, which doctors just assumed to be migraines. It was only after a chance visit to an optician that he was referred for an MRI scan. Although not cancerous, the location of his tumor in the brain stem... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Retired engineer with prostate cancer

Joe Tuftnell, 70, was not convinced when his doctors told him that the best course of treatment for his early-stage prostate cancer was to do nothing. Instead, he went to Prague to have his tumor destroyed by proton beam therapy, not available on the NHS.   Joe was diagnosed last April and was told by his hospital consultant that the cancer could be managed with 'active surveillance'. He could not see the point of waiting for the condition to worsen, but the alternatives (surgery and traditional radiation therapy) involved considerable risk of impotence and incontinence.... Full article

WEB REVIEW : Young Kazakh girl needs proton therapy abroad

Zlata Bruner, a 3-year-old girl from Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, has been diagnosed with a stage IV neuroblastoma that cannot be cured in her native country. Her parents have not given up and are trying to support her treatment in South Korea.   It all began last July, when Zlata’s knee started to ache. Her doctors said it was arthritis. The pain went on and off for a while, and in September, a bruise appeared... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Drawing From The Experience Of Cancer

A few years ago, the cartoonist Matt Freedman started having nagging pain around his ear. No pain reliever seemed to work. In 2012, a bump appeared on his neck. It was a slow-growing, dangerous cancer that had already spread to his lungs.   As Freedman entered treatment for his rare oral cancer, he began to keep a daily journal in words and pictures : part cartoon, part personal history. Each page is filled with drawings, diagrams and explanations of everything from the technical details of proton therapy to his most interior thoughts.   That journal, kept over 60... Full article

Protons kept Washington State man in the saddle during prostate cancer therapy

Rich Braun has been commuting by bike to his job for seven years. In sun, rain and even snow. Forty-five minutes each workday morning, peddling a bit uphill, with the return trip a speedier 35 minutes. It’s a ritual by which Rich abides all year long. Come the weekend, Rich usually lets loose with a 50- or 60-mile trek. “Yeah, I live a pretty active lifestyle,” says the 60-year-old resident of Everett,... Full article

WEB REVIEW : British cancer boy’s letter from America

12 year-old boyis currently undergoing proton therapy in Jacksonville, Florida, for a rare tumor in his neck and jaw. He is the only child in the UK and the third child
in the world to be diagnosed with a mucoepidermoid tumor.   In response to Adrian’s remarkable story, Princethorpe College house coordinator Laura Miller rallied support and held a charity day involving over 600 pupils, 60 members of staff... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Young musician losing his eye to cancer

Seb James, a 23-year-old musician, went to the dentist with toothache and ended up being diagnosed with cancer and losing one of his eyes. Now wearing an eye patch, he tries to look on the positive side of life.   Seb is lead guitarist and lead singer with Callow Saints, and music got him through the darkest days of his life. He was just 21 when he had his wisdom tooth removed. But when the wound didn’t heal... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Bella’s benefit

Bella and her little sister Poppy
Isabella ‘Bella’ Rennie has just turned 3. Weeks before her 2nd birthday in January 2012 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her life and her family’s changed forever. Bella had been a healthy girl, apart from the usual colds and a bout of chickenpox. For a long period, she displayed a head tilt, and in late 2011, she began to display facial asymmetry and have trouble fully closing her left eye. On 11 January,... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Teen battling cancer inspires to raise £6,000 for charity

The bravery shown by a Stourton teenager battling a rare form of cancer has inspired family and friends to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.   Imogen Westwood, 13, was recently diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a cancer that develops in the supporting tissues of the body. She has just finished her fourth chemotherapy session to target the tumor in her upper chest. Seeing the inspirational teen cope with... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Free Cancer Survivors Day Celebrations

Logo of the National Cancer Survivor Day
As part of the 27th annual National Cancer Survivors Day, Scripps Health will host free public celebrations throughout June for local cancer survivors, families, friends and the community at large at each of its five hospital campuses across San Diego County. The programs are open to all residents impacted by cancer, regardless of where treatment was received. Events will include inspirational stories of survival,... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Tyler is full of life after treatment in America

4-year-old Tyler Martin was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer a year ago and had to fly to America for specialist treatment when it reached 1 mm away from his brain. After losing sight in one eye, he can now say he’s feeling better. The NHS agreed to fly Tyler, his mom Tracey and his dad Steve out to Florida for the treatment. Despite undergoing gruelling chemotherapy and proton therapy for seven weeks, the family... Full article
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