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Work on 1,500-acre Oklahoma ranch never ends for prostate cancer survivor

There’s always work to be done on the Lazy KT ranch in northwest Oklahoma. Tending to a herd of Black Angus beef cattle. Hauling hay. Cleaning out horse stalls. Repairing a fence line. It’s a life Michael Horntvedt just loves.   The 1,500-acre ranch has been in his wife Katie Blunk’s family for three generations. It’s located outside of Freedom, Oklahoma, population 289. Michael and Katie’s closest neighbor lives five miles away — so different from the big city of Reno, Nevada, where they moved from five years ago. But their peace and solitude on the Oklahoma plains was rocked when, at age 53, Michael was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March 2013. Michael had been monitoring his PSA level for about four years and this time the number had jumped... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Joe Landry, prostate cancer survivor

Joe landry proton therapy
When Joe Landry’s younger brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer, his time and attention turned to helping his brother find the best care and treatment for the cancer. His research and resourcefulness paid off, as Joe was diagnosed with prostate cancer a year later. Joe, a retiree, had spent 37 years with an oil and gas company and, with the exception of periodic bouts with prostatitis and kidney stones, he’d... Full article

Prostate cancer patients happy with proton therapy

An exhaustive study surveying prostate cancer patients treated with proton therapy determined high overall satisfaction with the treatment. The report released last week at the National Proton conference in Washington, D.C., included 2.000 patients treated for prostate cancer with proton therapy from 1991 to 2010. 99% of surveyed men said they made the best treatment decision when they chose proton therapy. "The data represent the kind of patient-based outcomes analysis that is highly valued by clinicians and is needed to inform decisions about treatment options," said Leonard Arzt,... Full article

Sparta man beats cancer with proton therapy

In New Jersey, about 14,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. With an escalating PSA (prostate-specific antigen) rate for the past ten years, 65 year-old Matt Iacobazzo of Sparta was not shocked when a two-centimeter tumor was found eight months ago in his prostate. Iacobazzo’s personal journey of dealing with his illness is one he is eager to share with others. Instead of immediately choosing the more popular forms of treatment like traditional radiation or surgery, Iacobazzo took his time to explore options: “When you find out you have cancer, there is a tremendous... Full article

Kiwi travels to Seoul to beat cancer

Derek Holland, 63, diagnosed with prostate cancer four months ago, has been accepted for treatment at the National Cancer Center in Seoul for nine weeks of proton therapy. He is the first New Zealander to undergo this kind of treatment. Proton therapy, though touted as a superior form of radiation therapy, is not advocated by New Zealand medical authorities. The Ministry of Health says New Zealand has no plans to offer the treatment. Derek and his wife Sally discovered proton therapy as they were looking into alternatives to surgery. They sold their house to pay for the trip and the... Full article

HUPTI treats its 400th patient

The Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute (HUPTI), the 8th proton facility in the U.S. and the largest of its kind in the world, has treated its 400th patient. The center is expected to reach full operation later this year, treating approximately 1,500 patients annually. Stan Jackson, an attorney of Aiken, South Carolina, was treated on September 21st:  “I’m ecstatic…”, he says. “I wasn’t the first and I certainly won’t be the last. I hope I’m just the start of a great migration of patients at HUPTI, for a caring treatment of cancer”. Jackson was diagnosed... Full article