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New Jersey man cancelled prostate surgery, opted for 9-week proton beam treatments

Jim and his wife
The two-month recovery from surprise gallbladder surgery was no picnic for Jim Rauner. No picnic at all. And he was due for a second major procedure: robotic surgery to remove his prostate. “I cancelled it,” said the 65-year-old former stationery store owner from Boonton, New Jersey. The prospect of another long, painful recovery was just too much for him. “I decided somewhere during that period of time that I was going to start investigating some other treatment options,” he added. Up until then, Jim had zero awareness of proton therapy. “On the Internet, I never saw anything about proton therapy at the time,” he recalled. “I didn’t stumble upon it.” And none of the physicians with whom Jim spoke ever broached it. “Everybody tells you the same thing,”... Full article