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Protons Target a Rare Tumor Type

After months of sinus discomfort he had attributed to allergies, Noel Pagan finally decided to visit an ear, nose and throat specialist in August 2012. The news was startling. An extremely rare tumor, clival chordoma, was found at the base of his skull. The tumor was removed by surgeons at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. For follow-up treatment, members of Pagan’s treatment team suggested proton therapy as an option because of the sensitive location of the tumor. Neither Pagan nor his wife, Tracy, was familiar with the treatment. So, they researched proton therapy on the web.... Full article

ProCure Training Centers

An inclined-beam treatment room at the ProCure Training and Development Center
Growth in Proton Therapy Increases Demand for Well-Trained Staff Since opening in 2008, the ProCure Training and Development Center (TDC) in Bloomington, Indiana, has prepared more than 100 health care professionals employed by ProCure Treatments Centers, Inc., to work in the burgeoning field of proton therapy. Demand for well-educated professional staff is high, because of the growing number of centers offering this... Full article