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Radio is Chanelle Scott’s first love.   Radio moves her body to hip-hop, neo-soul and EDM. And radio challenges her heart and head through discussions about the most pressing social issues of the day. Like race. And poverty. And living-wage jobs.   For a lifelong New Yorker like Chanelle, no one brings radio alive like local journalist Lisa Evers. A general assignment report for the Fox News affiliate in New York City, Evers also hosts a highly rated weekly public affairs program, “Street Soldiers,” on Hot97 radio. And Chanelle is an avid listener.   “Lisa Evers,” Chanelle enunciates the name slowly and with reverence. “Oh, she’s my girl. She’s my role model. She talks about real issues, real situations. She makes a difference. Lisa... Full article

Protons prove to be only hope for New York woman fighting late-effect cancer from photon radiation

Protons prove to be only hope for New York woman fighting late-effect cancer from photon radiation
2015 is a new year for Mary Lanuti. A new year to appreciate the blessings of good health, once again. For 13 years, Mary had lived cancer free, tending to the home and family she loves. But an occasional side effect of the conventional radiation used to successfully treat Mary’s rectal cancer back in 2000 finally caught up to her. And Mary was shocked to find she had cancer once again. “They said it was a... Full article

Educating others about oral cancer is new mission for cancer survivor

Mary will talk about oral cancer with anyone who will listen
Mary Prorokovic would like to talk to you about your mouth. Specifically, she would like to know if you are familiar with the symptoms of oral cancer and whether you’ve discussed them with your dentist or primary care physician. And it’s not just you: Mary will talk about oral cancer with anyone who will listen, from salespeople on the phone to friendly faces on the street. It’s that important to her. “I... Full article

New Jersey man cancelled prostate surgery, opted for 9-week proton beam treatments

Jim and his wife
The two-month recovery from surprise gallbladder surgery was no picnic for Jim Rauner. No picnic at all. And he was due for a second major procedure: robotic surgery to remove his prostate. “I cancelled it,” said the 65-year-old former stationery store owner from Boonton, New Jersey. The prospect of another long, painful recovery was just too much for him. “I decided somewhere during that period of time that I was... Full article

Protons delivered for retired mail carrier

Ric Donnici is able to ride his motorbike after proton therapy treatment
Early in his 37 years as a postal carrier, Ric Donnici walked a 15-mile route. Every day. It was a tough slog during the hot, humid summers of Missouri. And in blowing winter snows. But no mail route was as long as the steps Ric took for his first proton treatment in September 2013. “I walked in there with my head down and with a deer-in-the-headlights look on my face,” Ric recalled. He knew protons were the right... Full article

Title: WEB REVIEW – “My breast cancer was close to my heart”

Web review - Breast cancer was close to my heart
On her daughter’s second birthday, Liz d’Amato, mom of three, received a life-changing phone call. Her doctor diagnosed her with breast cancer. Discover her inspiring story of courage, battle and survival. As a 47-year-old woman, mammograms were part of Liz’s regular health care regimen, and when she went to her doctor in September 2012, it was just for a routine check-up. However, a month later, her doctor asked... Full article