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From Cars to Proton Therapy

Steve Geary,Senior Machinist Machine Shop at CDH Proton Center, a ProCure Center , holds a brass aperture (left) and a range compensator (right). Each Proton Therapy patient receives a unique set for treatment.
Two years ago as Steve Geary traveled the freshly painted hallways of ProCure’s suburban Chicago proton center, interviewing for a Senior Machinist position, he knew he had finally found the place where his 35 years of auto industry experience would be put to good use. “After years of searching for the right opportunity, ProCure was the only place I could see myself working,” said Geary. “I knew this was the place where my experience as a machinist and tool and die maker would truly make a difference, but instead of making cars run more smoothly, I was going to help people live better lives.” Geary works with two other machinists in ProCure’s onsite Machine Shop creating apertures for Proton Therapy patients. “Knowing the product we manufacture is helping another... Full article