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Little girl brightens Christmas for family and schoolmates three years after proton treatments

[Editor’s Note: This is the fourth Christmas in as many years we have written about Georgia Halliwell-Paget, a 6-year-old girl now living in the U.K. She received proton beam treatments during Christmas 2012.]   An enormous stuffed snow leopard, a gift from Father Christmas last year, reclines nobly at the foot of Georgia Halliwell-Paget’s bed. The cuddly beast is one of many protectors of the slight 6-year-old girl with the buoyant smile, who is reveling in her cancer-free life in Britain’s Shropshire County. This Christmas, Georgia is wishing for a stuffed giraffe she spied at the local department store. Not surprisingly, it’s as colossal as the snow leopard and, if Father Christmas is so inclined, will tower over Georgia’s tiny frame. But Georgia finds... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Little Shaun with brain cancer is struggling for life

Shaun Currie, 4, is looking forward to what his family promise will be the best Christmas ever
Shaun Currie’s parents learned last month that their four-year-old son was suffering from a terminal brain tumor. The little Scottish boy has spent the past few days in Yorkhill Children's Hospital, in Glasgow, and the nearby Beatson cancer center. Shaun’s parents first realized something was wrong with Shaun when he felt poorly and became unsteady on his feet. His doctor sent him to the hospital, where he was... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Teen battling cancer inspires to raise £6,000 for charity

The bravery shown by a Stourton teenager battling a rare form of cancer has inspired family and friends to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.   Imogen Westwood, 13, was recently diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a cancer that develops in the supporting tissues of the body. She has just finished her fourth chemotherapy session to target the tumor in her upper chest. Seeing the inspirational teen cope with... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Tyler is full of life after treatment in America

4-year-old Tyler Martin was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer a year ago and had to fly to America for specialist treatment when it reached 1 mm away from his brain. After losing sight in one eye, he can now say he’s feeling better. The NHS agreed to fly Tyler, his mom Tracey and his dad Steve out to Florida for the treatment. Despite undergoing gruelling chemotherapy and proton therapy for seven weeks, the family... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Family stage show for girl battling rare cancer

The family and friends of three-year-old Sienna Riley are putting on a concert to raise money to get her vital treatment and help her fight a rare form of cancer.   At only 20 months old, Sienna was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer that attacks nerve cells. The survival rate in children less than a year old with Neuroblastoma stage 4 cancer ranges between 50% to 80%, which... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Brave Chloe starts her treatment in the US

Chloe will spend 3 months in Florida undergoing treatment
Seven-year-old Chloe Moss has started specialized treatment in the US after a tumor the size of half a house brick was removed from her brain.  Chloe was just three when she had the tumor removed. She then had 15 months of intensive chemotherapy but doctors found two smaller tumors in August. Chloe’s dad said: “The news that Chloe had to have the proton therapy treatment came as a complete shock. The doctors told us... Full article

WEB REVIEW – U.K. girl with cancer seeks treatment in the US

Bethany, 2 year old, fighting against cancer with her family
A family from England traveled more than 4,500 miles to Oklahoma City to get proton therapy treatment and save their 2-year-old daughter from a growing tumor.   Bethany Barsby is fighting a rare form of cancer that developed in her muscle cheek called rhabdomyosarcoma. Only 350 cases are discovered in the United States every year and that number is even smaller in the U.K. “We thought what the hospital... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Toddler’s cancer spotted by chance

Zach =nicholls and his mother who spotted his cancer by chance
Three-year-old Zack Nicholls is fighting Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer which strikes less than 35 children in the UK every year. His disease was discovered by pure luck after he fell out of bed.   "Zack's journey started on September 6 last year when he fell out of bed," said his mom. "I checked him over and I found a big lump on his shoulder. Zack underwent a series of tests and on October 2 he... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Adrian, 12, launches £10k appeal for PT in the US

Adrian Secareanu and his parents with members from Kids'n'Cancer
Adrian Secareanu, 12 years old, has been diagnosed with mucoepidermoid carcinoma, a tumor located in his neck and jaw. He needs to raise £10,000 to support treatment for a rare form of cancer in the US. Following several operations to remove the tumor, Adrian is due to travel to Florida for proton therapy to stop it returning in a more aggressive form. He is expected to spend at least three months in the US. He will... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Boy treated for brain tumor aspires to become a doctor

Edmond Boy Treated For Brain Tumor Aspires To Become Doctor
At just 5 years old, Aaron Gaines already knows what he wants to be when he grows up. "I am the boy who is going to be a doctor", he said repeatedly when he was getting proton therapy treatment at ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Oklahoma City. In January of this year, Aaron’s parents realized something was terribly wrong. He wasn't eating, kept falling asleep at the dinner table, complained of headaches and was... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Fundraiser for little boy with brain tumor

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Newport restaurant Zeiderelli’s Pizza remained open on April 20th to help a young boy in need : the money raised will be used specifically in support of Heath Dodson, a 2-year-old boy suffering with a brain tumor.   Heath's condition was first discovered when he went to a pediatrician because he was having balance difficulties. He was diagnosed on February 24 with an ependymoma, a cancerous tumor wrapped... Full article
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