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Some types of breast cancer suited for protons after surgery

Dr. Nancy Mendenhall, Clinical Director at UF Proton Therapy Institute in Jacksonville, Florida.
With their ability to target cancer while minimizing radiation harm to the heart and lungs, protons hold great promise in the treatment of breast cancer. But not all breast cancer patients will benefit from protons. In fact, a leading radiation oncologist currently sees just four types of breast cancer where protons will be preferable to photon radiation — and all as follow-up to breast cancer surgery. “I expect we’ll see a survival benefit from protons with those patients with a risk of lymph node cancer, those with left-sided breast cancer, those patients with cardiac health issues or a family history of cardiac mortality, and those with difficult anatomy,” said Nancy Mendenhall, MD, clinical director at the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute. This year,... Full article