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WEB REVIEW – PT center in the UK

pt uk
The plans for a new £125m cutting-edge proton therapy center at The Christie Hospital in Manchester, UK have been unveiled. It will be the first of the country, and is expected to open in 2018. Currently,  anyone seeking proton therapy on the NHS has to travel abroad to access it. The therapy is designed to limit side effects on patients, particularly children. It is hoped the center will allow more people than ever before to access the treatment. The proton beam therapy unit will be built at the hospital’s Withington site under proposals submitted to Manchester council this week. Christie’s planning application reveals it would build a five-story center able of treating up to 750 people using high-energy beams to destroy cancer cells. This is part of the Christie’s... Full article

Press Review – Young Danny, flies to USA for vital cancer therapy

Seven-year-old Danny King was diagnosed with a brain tumour in April 2011. His parents have set up an appeal for funds to help them go to America, where their son can get the treatment he needs. Danny suffered for weeks before he was diagnosed, at the age of six. « He had sickness and diarrhoea one night », his mom Mandy says. For at least eight hours he had excruciating pain. I took him to the doctor but at the time there was a sickness bug going around so they put it down to that and it carried on for another nine weeks, one night a week. » « I knew it must be more than a... Full article

Cancer girl home safe and well from Proton Therapy treatment in the US

A schoolgirl diagnosed with a rare form of cancer is just days away from hopefully being given the all-clear after receiving revolutionary proton therapy treatment in the US. Niamh Yates was diagnosed with an undifferentiated sarcoma on the base of her spine earlier this year, and the extremely rare form of cancer caused the brave youngster severe back pain and mobility problems. Niamh, who attends Ross High School, had to endure seven hours of surgery to prevent permanent paralysis, gruelling physiotherapy and six cycles of chemotherapy as she battled the killer disease. The... Full article

UK boy escapes from deathly brain tumor

UK Boy Aedan Harriet
A brave young boy has become the first Scottish person to undergo a pioneering cancer treatment in America. When Aeden Harriet, from Bonhill, began complaining of a sore back and neck, his mother initially put it down to nothing more than growing pains. However, after the nine year-old collapsed at school, the doctors revealed he had a life-threatening brain tumor the size of a tennis ball, which was stopping vital... Full article