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WEB REVIEW – PT center in the UK

pt uk
The plans for a new £125m cutting-edge proton therapy center at The Christie Hospital in Manchester, UK have been unveiled. It will be the first of the country, and is expected to open in 2018. Currently,  anyone seeking proton therapy on the NHS has to travel abroad to access it. The therapy is designed to limit side effects on patients, particularly children. It is hoped the center will allow more people than ever before to access the treatment. The proton beam therapy unit will be built at the hospital’s Withington site under proposals submitted to Manchester council this week. Christie’s planning application reveals it would build a five-story center able of treating up to 750 people using high-energy beams to destroy cancer cells. This is part of the Christie’s... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Raising £40k for little boy’s US proton treatment

Jayden Nicol, a brave British six-year-old, has flown to the US to fight his cancer and undergo potentially life-saving proton therapy treatment after his family rallied to raise £40,000 in just three weeks. Jayden was first seen by doctors when his family took him to St John’s Hospital in Livingston after he was sick every morning for weeks. An MRI scan revealed a massive tumor on his brain stem. He was diagnosed... Full article

WEB REVIEW – PT better than IMRT for head & neck cancer

Proton beam therapy (PT) has a significant advantage over intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) when it comes to improving disease-free survival and tumor control in patients with head and neck cancers according to a study by Mayo Clinic radiation oncologists. The study was published in Lancet Oncology and involved a systematic review of the literature on outcomes of proton beam therapy compared to IMRT. The... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Tyler is full of life after treatment in America

4-year-old Tyler Martin was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer a year ago and had to fly to America for specialist treatment when it reached 1 mm away from his brain. After losing sight in one eye, he can now say he’s feeling better. The NHS agreed to fly Tyler, his mom Tracey and his dad Steve out to Florida for the treatment. Despite undergoing gruelling chemotherapy and proton therapy for seven weeks, the family... Full article

WEB REVIEW – 15-year-old with inoperable brain tumor

Selfless staff at a Yeovil vets have taken to the streets in support of a teenager who needs medical treatment in the USA.   In January Saskia Hedingham, 15, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. After being diagnosed the teenager was told to name her tumor to help visualise and beat it. As a result, staff at Delaware Vets walked from Yeovil to Castle Cary on Sunday to “help Saskia beat Bart”. Her... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Teenager shaves her head for her cancer friend

Proton Therapy fundraising
Charlie Hemming, a 15 year old British teenager with bladder cancer, can really count on her best friend: yesterday, the young girl shaved her hair to raise funds so her friend can see her family this Christmas. Charlie Hemming is being flown to Oklahoma, USA, to be treated with proton therapy (not yet available in the UK), but the NHS will only pay for her mom and another guest. Faye, who has known Charlie for... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Fund for little girl battling cancer

Maddie Hems
Maddie Hems was just eight years old when she was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in April last year. Her family has launched Maddie’s Fighting Fund to raise money to help her battle this rare form of bone cancer. Maddie had been suffering from pain down her left arm when doctors discovered an inoperable fist-sized tumor underneath her collarbone. Her dad said : “When we got confirmation from the doctor, I knew it... Full article

Web Review – Proton therapy in the UK

A British medical company is working with scientists at the European Centre for Nuclear Research (Cern) to develop affordable proton beam therapy. Thousands of cancer patients could benefit from this ambitious plan to bring state-of-the-art technology into hospitals across the UK. Two proton therapy facilities are already due to be launched at specialist NHS centers in London and Manchester in 2017. But they will only be able to take 1,500 patients a year and will focus on highly complex and difficult-to-treat cases. The new proposal led by London company Advanced Oncotherapy with... Full article

Young boy with cancer needs help to get treatment

A young boy from the UK needs potentially life saving treatment in America. His parents are trying to raise £100,000 to send him to the US, as he may not qualify for NHS funding. An inoperable tumor was found in Sam John’s brain. The 16-year-old boy from Hampshire needs to get proton therapy and travel to America, as this kind of treatment is not yet available in the UK. Unfortunately, Sam may not qualify for NHS funding. A medical review panel are currently reviewing his case to decide whether to fund the treatment abroad. The National Specialised Commissioning Team, the NHS... Full article

A mom needs life-changing cancer treatment

A major fundraising event will take place on February 22nd to help a mom with cancer get state-of-the-art proton therapy cancer treatment. Lian Gittus, 33 years old, is a police community support officer from Wales. She’s currently on sick leave because she has an extremely rare form of cancer on her spine, called Ewing's Sarcoma. Her family, friends and colleagues are trying to help her and have organized a fundraiser in case she fails to be granted proton therapy in America on the NHS, as paying for it privately will cost around £140,000. A colleague of hers said: « Lian has... Full article

Press Review – Proton therapy could help a 11-year-old cancer girl

Ciara Allan suffered a stroke caused by a brain tumor when she was three and has since spent much of her short life fighting against cancer.  Now, thanks to state of the art proton therapy treatment in the US, the young girl and her family have new hope that she will beat the tumor, which had showed new signs of growth. The 11-year-old is one of the few Scots who have received NHS (National Health Service) funding to travel to the US for proton therapy. Her parents first found out about this kind of treatment after they were told that traditional therapy was not working and their... Full article