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WEB REVIEW – 12-year-old boy flies to USA for cancer treatment

Adrian Secareanu, 12, has flown to Florida to have life-saving treatment for a rare type of cancer, a mucoepidermoid carcinoma, found in his neck and jaw. Adrian underwent several operations to remove his tumor. He is now having specialist proton therapy to prevent it from returning in a more aggressive form. Chesterfield-based national charity Kids ‘N’ Cancer recently launched a campaign to help Adrian and his family raise £10,000 to allow them to take time off work and join him in Florida. The family will spend a minimum of three months in America for the treatment. Waiting at Heathrow airport, Adrian’s mother Corina said: “In a weird way we are excited to go out there. Adrian will be receiving the proton treatment he needs and we’re hopeful that it will go... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Adrian, 12, launches £10k appeal for PT in the US

Adrian Secareanu and his parents with members from Kids'n'Cancer
Adrian Secareanu, 12 years old, has been diagnosed with mucoepidermoid carcinoma, a tumor located in his neck and jaw. He needs to raise £10,000 to support treatment for a rare form of cancer in the US. Following several operations to remove the tumor, Adrian is due to travel to Florida for proton therapy to stop it returning in a more aggressive form. He is expected to spend at least three months in the US. He will... Full article