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Wisconsin family finds warmth in the Windy City

Amy High and Hunter Proton Therapy
Her son Hunter’s significant weight loss and debilitating headaches were signs of concern for Amy High. After numerous visits to emergency rooms and doctors’ offices, and an incorrect diagnosis of migraine headaches, an MRI revealed the cause of these troubling symptoms: medulloblastoma — a brain tumor — diagnosed in June 2013. Immediately after the diagnosis, 14-year-old Hunter was sent by ambulance to the children’s hospital nearest the family’s home in Nekoosa, Wisconsin. There, surgery was performed to remove the tumor. Doctors told Amy and her husband Eli that the surgery had gone well, but that the protocol for medulloblastoma is to treat the entire brain and spine with radiation. This is the case, even if no tumor is present on an MRI post-surgery.... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Brain cancer kid needs help to get proton therapy in the US

Jamie green proton therapy treatment
13-year-old Jamie Green was diagnosed in July after being sick for weeks and being given anti-biotics by GPs. Then doctors found he had a brain tumor called medulloblastoma. Revolutionary proton treatment could be the answer, as a less aggressive form of radiation, that will give him the chance to continue to live with little damage to his organs, tissue or bone structure. Unfortunately, the use of proton therapy is... Full article