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Some lung cancers may see benefits from few larger daily doses of protons

Dr Daniel Gome
Higher doses of proton beam radiation may be a worthwhile treatment alternative for some lung cancer patients.   Radiation oncologists at MD Anderson Cancer Center and MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center in Houston, Texas, are taking a lead in evaluating the use of fewer, larger-sized fractions of a total proton dose to treat early and more advanced lung cancers. This clinical approach is called hypofractionated proton therapy.   “Hypofractionated proton therapy has the potential to offer better tumor control because you’re using higher doses per day,” said Daniel Gomez, M.D., a radiation oncologist at MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center. “It also may be a convenience benefit for patients because they’re getting fewer fractions and a cost benefit to the... Full article

Study shows proton therapy cuts risk of secondary tumors nearly in half compared to photon radiation

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A study published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology • Biology • Physics has shown that proton therapy reduces the risk of a patient developing a second tumor by nearly half as compared with conventional radiation (photon) therapy. The impetus for doing the study was to see if the improved dose distribution achievable with protons as compared with photons would translate into a reduced rate for... Full article

Home Away Boston offers oasis for families of children getting proton beam treatments

Home away Boston
All it took was one phone call. And Danielle Yumul had secured a furnished, two-bedroom apartment in Boston with a kitchen and laundry — rent-free. And a 10-minute shuttle ride to her youngest daughter’s proton beam treatments at Massachusetts General Hospital. “I could not believe it was this easy,” said Danielle, mother of two daughters who have endured serious health complications over the years. “In... Full article

Book by MassGeneral’s Paganetti

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MassGeneral’s Harald Paganetti dives deeply into physics of Proton Therapy If you’re a medical school student, resident or grad student considering a career in Proton Therapy, or a general or family practitioner looking to better advise your patients about a cancer care option with fewer side effects, the new compendium, Proton Therapy Physics, should satisfy you. Edited by Dr. Harald Paganetti, director of... Full article