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Little girl brightens Christmas for family and schoolmates three years after proton treatments

[Editor’s Note: This is the fourth Christmas in as many years we have written about Georgia Halliwell-Paget, a 6-year-old girl now living in the U.K. She received proton beam treatments during Christmas 2012.]   An enormous stuffed snow leopard, a gift from Father Christmas last year, reclines nobly at the foot of Georgia Halliwell-Paget’s bed. The cuddly beast is one of many protectors of the slight 6-year-old girl with the buoyant smile, who is reveling in her cancer-free life in Britain’s Shropshire County. This Christmas, Georgia is wishing for a stuffed giraffe she spied at the local department store. Not surprisingly, it’s as colossal as the snow leopard and, if Father Christmas is so inclined, will tower over Georgia’s tiny frame. But Georgia finds... Full article

Two years after proton therapy, Christmas time enchants little girl

[Editor’s Note: This is our third Christmas story in as many years featuring Georgia Halliwell-Paget, a little girl from Manila, the Philippines, who was treated with proton therapy in Korea.] It’s a few hours after school has let out in Shropshire County, England, and 5-year-old Georgia Halliwell-Paget is still dressed in her primary school uniform, a smart-looking, blue cardigan and white polo shirt. She’s... Full article

A year after a Christmas wish, time to live like other little girls

At home in Manilla, 4-year-old Georgia Halliwell-Paget and her big brother, AJ, are spending their last Christmas in the Philippines. Christmas will be in the UK in 2014.
Georgia Halliwell-Paget’s wish from Santa this year is like that of any other 4-year-old girl. A Barbie doll. More specifically, a purple Barbie with wings. “And a pink train and red yo-yo,” adds her dad, Nick. “She’s really into pinks and purples. She’s a real girly girl.” Nick and Becca, his spouse, are ecstatic. Georgia is back to being a bouncy little girl. Fun, happy  and “full of life,” he... Full article

Part 7 – In the search for the best cancer therapy option, “knowledge is power”

When they first diagnosed 3-year-old Georgia with a rare Ewing’s sarcoma in June 2012, physicians at St. Luke’s Medical Center in the Philippines predicted a 20 percent chance of survival. Amazingly, four months of chemotherapy and experimental P53 gene therapy had reduced the tumor on Georgia’s spine by 70 percent. But the side effects of those treatments also ravaged her tiny body. In October, Becca and Nick had to choose which radiation treatment would best kill the last bits of their little girl’s tumor — and do so with as few serious side effects as possible.... Full article

Part 6 – In search of the best cancer therapy option, “knowledge is power”

To Becca and Nick’s surprise, the Filipino radiologists who each had advocated their own radiation specialties — IMRT, CyberKnife and Tomotherapy — to treat 3-year-old Georgia’s cancer, had come to a consensus. Proton Therapy would be best for Georgia. Becca and Nick eagerly awaited word from specialists at a London hospital. "On October 10, Becca returned to writing in her blog, The Helping Georgia Fund: “I can research until the cows come home but we need experts who have done this procedure to tell us the options and give advice. We need someone to say I have done this... Full article

Part 5 – In the search for the best cancer therapy option, “knowledge is power”

The radiation treatment options for their daughter Georgia’s cancer were still being sorted out by Becca and Nick at their Manila home. They were getting conflicting advice from members of the medical team. One advised IMRT. Another SRS. They were awaiting word from London about Proton Therapy. And out of nowhere another option appeared. In early October, Becca wrote on her blog, The Helping Georgia Fund: “Today we went to Makati Med [another hospital in Makati City] and met with a radiation oncologist who uses Tomotherapy. We found him to be very informative and helpful. He has... Full article

Part 4 – In the search for the best cancer therapy option, “knowledge is power”

October 7th was fast approaching for Becca and Nick. That would be the day they would learn if their daughter’s spinal tumor had shrunk in size. Since mid-June, 3-year-old Georgia had weathered round after round of chemotherapy at St. Luke’s Medical Center in the Philippines. She had endured experimental gene therapy injected directly into her tumor and intravenously. The side effects were miserable. Georgia’s continued treatment was reaching a fork in the road. Radiation therapy needed to be pursued. But which kind? Photon beams or proton beams? “…It makes my stomach... Full article

Part 3 – In the search for the best cancer therapy option, “knowledge is power”

Life was a swirl for Becca and Nick as August concluded. The ugly side effects of chemotherapy were taking a toll on Georgia, their 3-year-old daughter. Their 7-year-old son, AJ, deserved some quality attention apart from the day-to-day cancer care that consumed his parents. And they were packing up their household to move to a new neighborhood in Manila. Then, the medical team at St. Luke’s Medical Center in the Philippines surprised Becca and Nick with the choice of several radiation treatment options to continue Georgia’s care. “…We finally heard back from our... Full article

Part 2 – In the search for the best cancer therapy option, “knowledge is power”

With chemotherapy appearing to work well, last summer, Becca and Nick had mentally prepared for surgical removal of the remaining tumor on their little girl’s spine. But the medical team at St. Luke’s Medical Center in the Philippines concluded surgery would be too risky for 3-year-old Georgia. The physicians presented Becca and Nick with several radiation treatment options from which to choose. “All any parent wants is to make the right decision for their child,” Becca observed on her blog, The Helping Georgia Fund. “We don’t ever want to look back and have any regrets... Full article

Part 1 – In the search for the best cancer therapy option,“knowledge is power”

April 8th can’t come soon enough for Becca and Nick. That’s the day PET scans and an MRI will be done to see if their 3-year-old daughter’s tumor is gone. The scans will be conducted at St. Luke’s Medical Center in the Philippines where Georgia undergoes chemotherapy. They’ll be evaluated by her medical team in Manila and her proton therapy team some 1,600 miles away in Seoul, Korea, at the National Cancer Center’s Proton Therapy Center. Diagnosed with an aggressive tumor on her lower spine just days after her birthday last June, Georgia received proton beam treatments at... Full article

From a little girl, one Christmas wish

Georgia Halliwell-Paget smiles with members of her proton therapy team moments before undergoing her 23rd proton treatment at the National Cancer Center in Seoul, Korea.
From a little girl, just one Christmas wish. It’s Christmas. Not at home in Manila. But 1,600 miles away in Seoul, Korea. And 3-year-old Georgia Halliwell-Paget has just one wish for Santa. “She wants her owie to go away,” said her dad, Nick. “We told her it won’t happen this Christmas. But hopefully, next Christmas.” Diagnosed with an aggressive tumor on her lower spine days after her birthday in... Full article