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WEB REVIEW – Brain cancer kid needs help to get proton therapy in the US

Jamie green proton therapy treatment
13-year-old Jamie Green was diagnosed in July after being sick for weeks and being given anti-biotics by GPs. Then doctors found he had a brain tumor called medulloblastoma. Revolutionary proton treatment could be the answer, as a less aggressive form of radiation, that will give him the chance to continue to live with little damage to his organs, tissue or bone structure. Unfortunately, the use of proton therapy is relatively new, and while the NHS recognizes its benefits, the UK's treatment centers are not due to be completed until at least 2016. Luckily, several proton treatment facilities in the USA could take care of Jamie, but as such treatment must be paid for in advance and the NHS is unable to fund it, Jamie’s family needs to raise enough money to be able to send him... Full article