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WEB REVIEW – “Proton Therapy in Prague was the number one choice for me“

Benedek is a 39 year old from Belgium. At the end of 2013, Benedek underwent chemotherapy in order to treat a spinal cord tumour. Unfortunately this was not very effective and so he had to decide upon subsequent treatments. His Czech wife discovered the Proton Centre in Prague.   “Together with my doctors, we came to the conclusion that proton therapy was the only reasonable treatment since the tumour is located near my spinal cord. An unwanted dose of radiation could have paralysed me“. Benedek’s decision to go to Prague was clear. “Since there are no proton facilities in Belgium, and very few in Europe, I did not have many locations to choose from. Besides, through my wife I have really good connections in Prague, as well as due to my professional background - I... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Teenager shaves her head for her cancer friend

Proton Therapy fundraising
Charlie Hemming, a 15 year old British teenager with bladder cancer, can really count on her best friend: yesterday, the young girl shaved her hair to raise funds so her friend can see her family this Christmas. Charlie Hemming is being flown to Oklahoma, USA, to be treated with proton therapy (not yet available in the UK), but the NHS will only pay for her mom and another guest. Faye, who has known Charlie for... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Joe Landry, prostate cancer survivor

Joe landry proton therapy
When Joe Landry’s younger brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer, his time and attention turned to helping his brother find the best care and treatment for the cancer. His research and resourcefulness paid off, as Joe was diagnosed with prostate cancer a year later. Joe, a retiree, had spent 37 years with an oil and gas company and, with the exception of periodic bouts with prostatitis and kidney stones, he’d... Full article

Title: WEB REVIEW – “My breast cancer was close to my heart”

Web review - Breast cancer was close to my heart
On her daughter’s second birthday, Liz d’Amato, mom of three, received a life-changing phone call. Her doctor diagnosed her with breast cancer. Discover her inspiring story of courage, battle and survival. As a 47-year-old woman, mammograms were part of Liz’s regular health care regimen, and when she went to her doctor in September 2012, it was just for a routine check-up. However, a month later, her doctor asked... Full article

Hybrid Cancer Care at the Willis-Knighton Cancer Center

The planned addition to the Willis-Knighton Cancer Center incorporates an ultra-compact Proton Therapy room.
Integrated Proton System Promotes Hybrid Cancer Care. The Willis-Knighton Cancer Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, is one of the first facilities in the United States to install a new single-room compact Proton Therapy room. Unlike larger systems, it has a small footprint (49 feet x 95 feet or 14.9 meters x 28.9 meters), allowing it to be easily incorporated into an existing facility and help broaden treatment offerings.... Full article