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WEB REVIEW – U.K. girl with cancer seeks treatment in the US

Bethany, 2 year old, fighting against cancer with her family
A family from England traveled more than 4,500 miles to Oklahoma City to get proton therapy treatment and save their 2-year-old daughter from a growing tumor.   Bethany Barsby is fighting a rare form of cancer that developed in her muscle cheek called rhabdomyosarcoma. Only 350 cases are discovered in the United States every year and that number is even smaller in the U.K. “We thought what the hospital thought : that it was a cyst,” said Bethany’s mom. “Then for the news to come back that it was an actual tumor, your world just come crashing down.” Bethany has already had two surgeries and six months of intensive chemotherapy.       Dr. Michael Confer, Radiation Oncologist said : “She needed something else : either a major... Full article