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WEB REVIEW – Brain cancer patient saved by Proton Therapy

Jeff Graf Proton Therapy
Thanks to surgery and proton therapy, Jeff Graf, 56 years old, overcame a clival chordoma, a rare type of brain tumor. When Jeff thought he was having a stroke, he knew he needed to get help right away. During his check up, the scan revealed a mass in his head. Jeff was shocked when the mass was determined to be a chordoma, a rare tumor slowly growing from embryonic remains. He hadn’t had any typical symptoms and the detection of his chordoma was pure luck. To this Jeff said, "I believe in God, and I believe he put me here in the right place at the right time." Facing an uphill battle, Jeff turned to the experts at Indiana University Health for answers. He discovered a team of specialists, advanced treatment options and a level of care that few hospitals across the country... Full article

From our readers – Be Positive like the Protons

I am a 30 year survivor of a clival chordoma.  I was first diagnosed in September of 1983.  We found Mass General / Harvard Cyclotron by luck. In 1983 nobody had any idea what a chordoma was let alone any medical protocols.  October 17, 1983 I had a transphenodial biopsy done at Mass General and then on October 31, 1983 I started my 7000 rads of experimental proton bean radiation therapy at the Harvard Cyclotron in Cambridge. Over the 30 years I have terrible headaches every day, double vision, tinnitus and lately pituitary failure {hypopituitary}.  I have also worked every... Full article

Protons Target a Rare Tumor Type

After months of sinus discomfort he had attributed to allergies, Noel Pagan finally decided to visit an ear, nose and throat specialist in August 2012. The news was startling. An extremely rare tumor, clival chordoma, was found at the base of his skull. The tumor was removed by surgeons at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. For follow-up treatment, members of Pagan’s treatment team suggested proton therapy as an option because of the sensitive location of the tumor. Neither Pagan nor his wife, Tracy, was familiar with the treatment. So, they researched proton therapy on the web.... Full article