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Check out the latest news about proton therapy: this week, find out how this state-of-the-art treatment modality is giving a shot at life to children from all over the world. 6 YEAR OLD RESCUED FROM BRAIN CANCER When young Erin Birdsey walked into an optician’s office last July, her mom’s biggest concern was how she would persuade her that it wouldn’t be the end of the world if she needed glasses. When Erin started complaining of headaches and feeling sick, her GP sent her to an ophthalmologist to have her eyes checked. The doctor noticed that one eye looked inflamed as something was pressing against it, and sent Erin straight to the hospital. Within 24h she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had a 10-hour surgery to remove it. Biopsy results and an MRI scan a week... Full article

WEB REVIEW – A legacy of hope

Beth proton therapy treatment
Beth was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor known as craniopharyngioma when she was a college sophomore. After six weeks of daily proton therapy, which lasted from one to two hours each, Beth’s tumor is now smaller. When Beth realized she was sick, doctors either didn’t believe her or couldn’t determine what was wrong. For several years, she kept a thick notebook of thoughts, online research and test results in an... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Proton Therapy : safest radiation treatment for pediatric tumors

If your child was diagnosed with cancer, you would want to find the best, smartest and most pain-free treatment available. For a growing number of pediatric patients and their parents, it is clear that proton beam radiation may be the most desirable course of action to pursue. But sadly, that too many patients and their doctors remain unfamiliar with proton therapy and its documented benefits. This unawareness is partly due to the fact that there are only 12 proton therapy centers in the US. Combined, these centers treat approximately 10,000 patients a year, or less than 1% of all... Full article

Wisconsin family finds warmth in the Windy City

Amy High and Hunter Proton Therapy
Her son Hunter’s significant weight loss and debilitating headaches were signs of concern for Amy High. After numerous visits to emergency rooms and doctors’ offices, and an incorrect diagnosis of migraine headaches, an MRI revealed the cause of these troubling symptoms: medulloblastoma — a brain tumor — diagnosed in June 2013. Immediately after the diagnosis, 14-year-old Hunter was sent by ambulance to the... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Mom fights brain tumor for her family

Mother battles brain tumor proton therapy
Catherline Ledlow, 33-year-old mom from Oklahoma, had just given birth to her second child when she found out she had a rare form of cancerous tumor growing on her brain : an oligoastrocytoma. Catherine wanted the best treatment possible to be able to live a full long life with her husband and children, and turned towards proton therapy. Doctors at Oklahoma City's ProCure Proton Therapy Center said the tumor is... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Brain cancer patient saved by Proton Therapy

Jeff Graf Proton Therapy
Thanks to surgery and proton therapy, Jeff Graf, 56 years old, overcame a clival chordoma, a rare type of brain tumor. When Jeff thought he was having a stroke, he knew he needed to get help right away. During his check up, the scan revealed a mass in his head. Jeff was shocked when the mass was determined to be a chordoma, a rare tumor slowly growing from embryonic remains. He hadn’t had any typical symptoms and the... Full article

WEB REVIEW — More kids treated with proton therapy

According to a study released by the Pediatric Proton Foundation (PPF) and the National Association for Proton Therapy (NAPT), the number of children with brain and spinal cancers treated with proton therapy in the U.S. has risen 33% since 2010. 465 pediatric patients were treated with proton therapy in 2010 and 613 in 2011. In 2012, they were 694, 57% of them being less than 10 years old, with a curable brain tumor or axial sarcoma, the survey reports. "Parents need to understand that proton therapy offers distinct advantages for their child's treatment over traditional radiation,"... Full article

From our partners : Cancer patients to travel to UF Proton Therapy Institute from Norway

UF proton therapy
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In an agreement with the Norway Health Authority, UF Proton Therapy Institute will treat both children and adults who have rare tumors in the nasal and sinus cavity, skull, and brain. Currently there are no medical centers in Norway that offer proton therapy, and for cancers in highly sensitive areas, proton therapy provides patients a superior treatment that also minimizes risk of damage to... Full article

Child with brain cancer needs proton therapy

Alexander’s parents tell the story of their son and are making an urgent appeal in the hope of raising the funds to pay for his life saving proton treatment in America.  « In November 2012, Alexander complained of feeling unwell. As he stood up he lost the power in his left arm and leg and collapsed. Alexander was rushed to the hospital where they performed an MRI scan which showed lesions in the cerebellum. After a number of surgical interventions, were given the devastating news that Alexander had a stage 4 brain tumour. Diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a type of malignant brain... Full article

Review – Little cancer baby saved

In March 2012, when he was 5 months old, Eli was found to suffer from pineoblastoma, a maligant brain tumor that arises in the region of the pineal gland, which regulates the wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Eli's fontanelle was swollen and looked like a bruise on the top of his head. His worried parents took him to the hospital where the staff found something suspicious. An MRI revealed a mass and the doctors did a biopsy. Then, they had to tell the parents the horrifying news. Eli's mother remembers the call from Eli's dad. "We need to go to the hospital," he told her.... Full article

Press Review – Proton therapy could help a 11-year-old cancer girl

Ciara Allan suffered a stroke caused by a brain tumor when she was three and has since spent much of her short life fighting against cancer.  Now, thanks to state of the art proton therapy treatment in the US, the young girl and her family have new hope that she will beat the tumor, which had showed new signs of growth. The 11-year-old is one of the few Scots who have received NHS (National Health Service) funding to travel to the US for proton therapy. Her parents first found out about this kind of treatment after they were told that traditional therapy was not working and their... Full article