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WEB REVIEW – 3-year-old cancer survivor is going to school

3-year-old cancer survivor is going to school thanks to proton therapy
When Lucas was one year old, he was diagnosed with a rare bladder cancer. At only three years old, he has now been through more challenges than most people in their lifetime. And after being told twice that their son would not live, his parents are preparing to watch him go to school for the first time. In 2011, Lucas’s family flew him to Florida in the US to undergo proton therapy treatment. But before he could embark on the five-week treatment, Lucas developed septicaemia and pneumonia at the same time, leaving his life hanging in the balance. « He went into intensive care and we were told that he wouldn’t make it through the night. We were then told he would be brain damaged, but he wasn’t. The doctors over there were baffled by him », his mom Jodie said. The... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Teenager shaves her head for her cancer friend

Proton Therapy fundraising
Charlie Hemming, a 15 year old British teenager with bladder cancer, can really count on her best friend: yesterday, the young girl shaved her hair to raise funds so her friend can see her family this Christmas. Charlie Hemming is being flown to Oklahoma, USA, to be treated with proton therapy (not yet available in the UK), but the NHS will only pay for her mom and another guest. Faye, who has known Charlie for... Full article

Cancer toddler named little star

Since he was 11 months old, little Lucas Thorpe, 2 years old, has been battling against a rare form of bladder cancer. He is now launching the annual Cancer Research UK Little Star awards and has been named a real little star. After months of chemotherapy, Lucas was given the opportunity to travel to America with his mum, dad and sister for 10 weeks of cutting-edge proton beam therapy treatment. Unfortunately, the toddler developed pneumonia and septicaemia just two days after his arrival and had to fight for his life in intensive care. Lucas almost lost his right arm and leg to... Full article