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WEB REVIEW – Ruby Hodgson’s parents face devastating news

Brave 4-year-old Ruby Hodgson will need surgery again, after her tumor returned for the third time. After being first diagnosed in 2011 at just 22 months old, Ruby has already battled back from numerous operations, intensive chemotherapy, a stomach bug infection that left her life hanging in a balance, and a course of pioneering proton therapy in Florida, America in 2013. Ruby had three MRI scans since returning from America, which all showed no evidence of the tumor returning. But sadly, after her five month routine scan last week, her parents received the devastating news that her tumor had returned for a third time. “So once again our little princess will face a very tough couple of weeks and have further surgery to remove the tumor”, they said. Hundreds of messages of... Full article

Kiwi travels to Seoul to beat cancer

Derek Holland, 63, diagnosed with prostate cancer four months ago, has been accepted for treatment at the National Cancer Center in Seoul for nine weeks of proton therapy. He is the first New Zealander to undergo this kind of treatment. Proton therapy, though touted as a superior form of radiation therapy, is not advocated by New Zealand medical authorities. The Ministry of Health says New Zealand has no plans to offer the treatment. Derek and his wife Sally discovered proton therapy as they were looking into alternatives to surgery. They sold their house to pay for the trip and the... Full article