Russia and Belgium invest in nuclear medicine

The Russian Federation and Belgian-based IBA (Ion Beam Applications) will share science, engineering expertise and technology to advance the application of nuclear medicine in Russia and the Kingdom of Belgium and to ensure that the health care of the Russian and Belgian people will benefit from the latest developments in high-tech diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Those tools include radiopharmaceuticals, proton therapy, brachytherapy, positron emission tomography, radionuclide therapy using monoclonal antibodies, and health information technology.

The trade agreement, signed by executives of IBA and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE), Federal Centre of Nuclear Medicine Projects Design and Development of the Federal Medico-Biological Agency, promotes technology sharing of numerous medical innovations relied upon particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. “Today, scientists in Russia and Belgium are agreeing to work together to win the biggest fight we have ever faced, the fight against cancer,” says Yuri Khalitov, Director of FSUE. “By sharing scientific discoveries, design and engineering expertise, and innovative production practices, our nations can equip our doctors and nurses with the latest advancements to diagnose and treat cancer, and improve the quality of life of cancer patients.” “When a friend or family member is touched by cancer, we want the best for them,” says Serge Lamisse, President/Sales and Marketing of IBA. “This agreement commits that we work together to develop and provide the best cancer-fighting tools for the people of our two countries.”

Under the pact, FSUE and IBA scientists and engineers will develop joint research ventures involving nuclear medicine in cancer diagnosis and treatment. They will share their expertise at scientific seminars and conferences and advise one another on innovative approaches to nuclear medicine-related practices. This joint Institute of Nuclear Research pact also aims at developing accelerator technology in terms of design and engineering.