Proton Therapy now available in Central and Eastern Europe

Prague, December 12, 2012 – PROTON THERAPY CENTER CZECH announced that from December 2012 onwards, oncological patients can access proton therapy in a brand new Proton Therapy Center Czech which has just opened in Prague. It is only a fifth center in Europe. This leading-edge cancer care center brings the most advanced radiation therapy to Central and Eastern Europe.

The facility aims at delivering proton therapy, which is an adavanced form of radiation therapy. This advanced cancer care with lower treatment-related side effects will bring its benefit to more child and adult cancer patients.

Launching its first fixed-beam treatment room, the center is going to treat prostate and brain cancer this year. With launching another four treatment rooms, it will soon start treating head and neck tumors, child cancer, lung cancer, eye melanoma or pancreatic cancer; this means indications that are difficult to treat by conventional radiotherapy. The benefits for the patients are mainly lower damage of healthy tissue, less side effects and complications and better chances of cure. Ability to precisely irradiate the tumor with the highest possible dose is what makes proton therapy a revolutionary form of cancer treatment.

The center provides the necessary comfort for international patients, including English and Russian speaking medical personnel. The center is also equipped with the latest imaging and diagnostic methods including PET/CT scanning.

While the Proton Therapy Center Czech was privately funded, it was developed in partnership with the first Faculty of Medicine at Charles University and the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering at the Czech Technical University. Both educational facilities are located in Prague.