Proteus ONE: compact PT solution

Ion Beam Applications (IBA) presented its compact advanced PT system, Proteus ONE™, at ASTRO annual meeting.

A full-size model of the system was displayed to showcase its unique structure and benefits. Proteus ONE is a single-room configuration consisting of an accelerator, a direct beam line and a compact gantry. It is a significantly smaller version of any current proton beam systems and operates similarly. When compared to IBA’s current single-room configuration with a cyclotron, a beam line and a two-story gantry, Proteus ONE will be about one-third the size.

The smaller footprint of Proteus ONE allows for correspondingly smaller facilities, reducing construction and maintenance costs. Because cost is often a barrier to implementing proton therapy, the lower cost associated with Proteus ONE will help make this technology available to more cancer care providers. The Proteus ONE design allows medical staff greater access to the patient than a traditional configuration. It also reduces the amount of time staff members need to position patients for optimal treatment, which helps reduce treatment times and patient stress.

Additional patient-centric elements are anticipated as IBA continues to work with its partner, Royal Philips Electronics, to integrate some of its Ambient Experience Design Solutions into Proteus ONE. “Patient comfort is an extremely important consideration for us,” says Nicolas Denef, Proteus ONE Product Manager, IBA.  “Receiving any type of cancer treatment can be overwhelming for a variety of reasons. We want patients to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process.” 

Proteus ONE also eliminates the need for a control room. Control rooms are a necessity in large proton therapy centers, where one cyclotron is shared by all treatment rooms. Control rooms are inherently sophisticated and operationally complex. With Proteus ONE, a dedicated accelerator is allocated for each room, and the need for the control space and its operational sophistications are eliminated.