Prague Proton Therapy Center

The Proton Therapy Center Czech s.r.o.  in Prague is well on its way to begin treating patients in September 2012. When fully operational in 2013, the center will be the first of its size in Central and Eastern Europe. The center is located on the campus of University Hospital na Bulovce.

The proton center will have five treatment rooms: three gantry rooms, one fixed-beam room and one eye treatment room. A full range of diagnostic equipment, including CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and a PET/CT scanner (an examination combining computed tomography and positron emission tomography), will also be available.

Over the last few months, the Prague Proton Therapy Center has achieved several milestones, including hiring key staff members, launching an interactive website, and developing partnerships with educational institutions, including the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University, both in Prague. The partnerships will support science and research, contributing to the development of radiation oncology and other oncological specializations.

Peter Vaněk, M.D., recently joined the center to serve as director of the health department and is excited to help develop the Proton Therapy practice. “I am honored to play a role in delivering this advanced form of cancer treatment to patients,” says Vaněk. “This is the highlight of my professional career, and I am very glad to be working with our talented team of radiation oncologists and physicists.”

The center has already demonstrated its leadership in proton therapy by hosting representatives from around Europe who are interested in learning about proton therapy and potentially partnering with the center or building their own.