New PT center in Seattle

The construction of  SCCA Proton Therapy in Washington, USA, began in 2011. In March 2012, a brand new cyclotron was installed at the facility.

This project results from a partnership between ProCure Treatment Centers, Inc. and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). The footprint and silhouette of the center is similar to other ProCure buildings. The cyclotron is 18 feet across and 8 feet tall, but weighs as much as a Boeing 747 jetliner. It took four weeks for the proton accelerator to make the transoceanic voyage from the Port of Antwerp on the River Scheldt in Belgium to the Port of Tacoma on Commencement Bay on the northwest coast of Washington State.

Two 15-axle trailers carried each half of the cyclotron to the construction site on the Northwest Hospital & Medical Center campus. The 40-mile drive took two days to complete. As is customary with ProCure center designs, the cyclotron was installed through an opening at the side of the building, rather than from above.