New cyclotron at Institut Curie in Orsay

In December 2006, Institut Curie – Orsay (CPO) decided to expand its Proton Therapy Center to double patient throughput. In July 2007, the installation began and was scheduled to be complete in 2010. Cancer patients are now being treated with protons generated by the newly installed cyclotron.

The Orsay Proton Therapy Center, acclaimed for its vast expertise and experience in treating the most complex cancer cases, has successfully expanded with new proton therapy equipment, a new medical wing, an anesthesia unit for pediatrics, offices and meeting rooms. A new cyclotron was added to the two existing fixed-beam treatment rooms, and an isocentric-gantry treatment room (primarily for pediatric patient care) was installed. “By acquiring the latest generation proton therapy equipment, thanks to major financial assistance from the French Ministry of Health, the Institut Curie is enhancing its position as a leading-edge hospital on the European scale”, said Dr. Claude Huriet, the Institut President. This addition should allow the center to treat twice as many patients.

The new cyclotron delivers a higher dose rate than the previous cyclotron, resulting in shorter treatment duration and overall improved treatment. The cyclotron was installed along with a new gantry room in a building extension to the proton center. The cyclotron also serves two fixed-beam treatment rooms that were a part of the original facility. Treatment preparation areas and the patient waiting room were also expanded. The new gantry room is expected to serve primarily pediatric cancer patients. A new Robotic Patient Positioning System — the first of its kind in Europe — facilitates targeted proton beam treatments.