What should I do to get Proton Therapy ?

Would you like to investigate if proton therapy is the right treatment for your condition ?

Learn more about the next three steps to start a proton therapy treatment in one of the centers operating :


1. Talk with your oncologist :

The first thing to do is to talk to your treating physician about proton therapy. Oncology covers such a broad spectrum of specialties and treatments that physicians cannot have a thorough knowledge of each sub-specialty.

Generally, proton therapy is highly beneficial for the following indications:

Skull Base and Spine
Head & Neck
Gastro Intestinal

You may also find useful to share the following sources of information with your doctor:

Oncolink Cancer Resources for patients and healthcare specialists
International Journal of Particle Therapy

Please also note that healthcare is governed by a local legal framework that influences the prescription of treatment modalities or the reimbursement by the health insurances. Patients within EU countries can take advantage of S2 form and cross border treatment.


2. Contact your nearest proton therapy center

The next recommended step is to contact directly one of the centers offering proton therapy. They will be best able to inform you and to assess whether proton therapy is appropriate in your situation. You will need to provide them with your medical file in order for them to analyse your condition. Ideally, you should have your latest medical reports ready in electronic version when contacting them.

You will need particularly:

Your latest medical report
CT or MRI scans

Find the comprehensive list of proton therapy centers here.


 3. Get more comprehensive information about your treatment


Many patients appreciate hearing experiences from formerly treated patients with similar conditions. Most of the proton therapy centers share patient testimonials through their individual website or on their YouTube channel. In addition,there is below a list of associations that can provide you with further information or facilitate your access to proton therapy.


Below is a short list of associations that can provide you either further information or facilitate your access to proton therapy.

  • Alliance for protontherapy


  • Pediatric Proton Foundation provides information and support for pediatric patients.

Susan Ralston – +1 757-636-5225 – information@pediatricprotonfoundation.org – http://www.pediatricprotonfoundation.org/

  • Brotherhood of the Balloon (BOB) is an organization of 7,000+ members who have chosen proton therapy for their prostate cancer treatment. They provide aftercare communication, promote cancer prevention and patient support.

Deborah Hickey – http://protonbob.com/proton-treatment-homepage.asp

  • Compass to Care provides support to patients for travel and housing expenses.

Michelle Ernsdorff, Founder – +1 312-515-9490 – info@CompassToCare.org – http://compasstocare.org/contact-us/

  • Kids ‘n’ Cancer helps children get lifesaving treatment.

Mike Hyman – http://www.kidsncancer.org.uk/