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Advances in technology, clear clinical benefits will drive more cancer doctors to use protons

The latest technical advancement in proton therapy is already providing such compelling early evidence of its benefit for patients, a leading radiation oncologist predicts it will become standard treatment for many cancers.   In use at MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center in Houston, Texas, for more than three years now, intensity modulated proton therapy (IMPT) permits doctors to treat one tiny section of a tumor at a time — even as small as a pixel — by adjusting the proton beam dose, direction and depth to wider and narrower contours of the target, while significantly reducing the amount of unintentional radiation hitting nearby healthy tissue.   IMPT pairs the precision of pencil beam scanning with the latest three-dimensional imaging technology to map the... Full article

Treating cancer with Pencil Beam Scanning

Brain scanner picture
Pencil Beam Scanning (PBS) is a new technology being developed to fasten and sharpen the delivery of intensity-modulated proton therapy without the usage of aperture and compensators. It is being designed to be the revolutionary proton delivery technique of the coming years and to improve both treatment easiness and patient throughput. The development of PBS is speeding up thanks to the intense and productive... Full article

New robotic patient positioner

Patient Positioner
A state-of-the-art robotic patient positioner has been developed by ProCure Treatment Centers in partnership with another US company, Forte Automation Solutions, and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The robotic positioner offers such automated and useful functions as moving the patient around under the nozzle, providing more freedom to precisely position the target under the treatment... Full article