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180413 - Weekly Web Review - Week 16
Check out the latest news about proton therapy: this week, find out how this state-of-the-art treatment modality is helping children with cancer overcome life-threatening challenges.  COMPLETING PT WITH SUPRISES Hudson Brown, a 5-year-old from Michigan in the US who was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, has just celebrated the completion of his 30 proton therapy treatments and was treated to a surprise "Transformers" party.  Hudson was diagnosed after suffering from severe headaches that made him scream in pain. His parents rushed him to the emergency room and scans revealed that a large tumor called medulloblastoma had developed in the back of his brain and on top of his brain stem. “One day, my 5-year-old is going to pre-K, and the next day his whole world is turned upside... Full article


170505 - Weekly Web Review - Week 18
Check out the latest news about proton therapy: this week, find out how this state-of-the-art treatment modality is giving young patients the chance in life they deserve. LEO THE LION FLIES HOME FOR WELCOME PARTY Leo Bermejo, a brave 4-year-old who underwent 4 surgeries on his brain tumor at the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in the UK, has just finished his 31 sessions of proton therapy in Oklahoma and is on way... Full article

WEB REVIEW – PT center in the UK

pt uk
The plans for a new £125m cutting-edge proton therapy center at The Christie Hospital in Manchester, UK have been unveiled. It will be the first of the country, and is expected to open in 2018. Currently,  anyone seeking proton therapy on the NHS has to travel abroad to access it. The therapy is designed to limit side effects on patients, particularly children. It is hoped the center will allow more people than ever... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Proton therapy hospital in Mumbaï, India

Treatment for cancer in women and children is set to take a big leap in about two and a half years in Mumbaï, as the city is getting a world-class hospital, the first of the country to offer proton beam therapy.   HLL Lifecare Ltd. (HLL), a public sector undertaking under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has teamed up with the Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) for constructing the hospital. The parties... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Free Cancer Survivors Day Celebrations

Logo of the National Cancer Survivor Day
As part of the 27th annual National Cancer Survivors Day, Scripps Health will host free public celebrations throughout June for local cancer survivors, families, friends and the community at large at each of its five hospital campuses across San Diego County. The programs are open to all residents impacted by cancer, regardless of where treatment was received. Events will include inspirational stories of survival,... Full article

High school senior eager to play baseball after proton and chemo treatments

Aaron Miranda, a 17-year-old senior at Terra Linda High School in San Rafael, California
The outfielder is speeding across the grass, intently tracking the white ball’s trajectory against the brilliant blue sky. Running. Running. Left arm extended. Rotating his glove for a back-handed catch. Reaching to where he anticipates the ball will be. The thwack of the ball in his leather baseball glove brings elation. He ends his run in a satisfied trot, pivots and tosses the ball to the second baseman. Aaron... Full article

WEB REVIEW – A legacy of hope

Beth proton therapy treatment
Beth was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor known as craniopharyngioma when she was a college sophomore. After six weeks of daily proton therapy, which lasted from one to two hours each, Beth’s tumor is now smaller. When Beth realized she was sick, doctors either didn’t believe her or couldn’t determine what was wrong. For several years, she kept a thick notebook of thoughts, online research and test results in an... Full article

From our partners : Cancer patients to travel to UF Proton Therapy Institute from Norway

UF proton therapy
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In an agreement with the Norway Health Authority, UF Proton Therapy Institute will treat both children and adults who have rare tumors in the nasal and sinus cavity, skull, and brain. Currently there are no medical centers in Norway that offer proton therapy, and for cancers in highly sensitive areas, proton therapy provides patients a superior treatment that also minimizes risk of damage to... Full article

WEB REVIEW – 150th prostate cancer patient at Procure Proton Therapy Center in New Jersey

Procure Proton Therapy Center New Jersey
The ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Somerset, New Jersey announced that 150 prostate cancer patients have successfully completed their proton therapy treatment. Since Procure opened the New Jersey facility in March 2012, physicians have noted that a majority of prostate patients have learned about proton therapy through family, friends and independent research rather than via their primary physicians and urologists.... Full article

Press Release: McLaren Opens $8 Million Hospitality House for Cancer Patients

July 17, 2013 – Flint, MI -  One year to the day after groundbreaking ceremonies, McLaren Flint celebrated the opening of its $8 million Hospitality House at McLaren. A ribbon cutting ceremony, tours of the facility, a building dedication and video presentation highlighted the formal program today at the site of the new three-story, 43,000 sq. ft. structure. Located at 3170 Beecher Road on the extended campus of McLaren Flint, the Hospitality House is a unique service in the Genesee County area, providing a “home away from home” for patients and family members undergoing services... Full article

Web-review: 1000th patient at CDH Proton Center

A major milestone was celebrated at the first and only proton therapy center of Illinois in Warrenville. On June 26, Bill Friedlander, 83, finished his proton therapy treatment for prostate cancer and became the 1000th patient treated at the CDH Proton Center, a ProCure Center. A graduation ceremony was organized for Bill, with his friends, family, team members and other patients. “I may be lucky enough to be called number 1.000; however, I stand on the shoulders of the 999 people who were treated before me,” Bill said. “I am very fortunate to have found this great treatment... Full article
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