Cancer toddler named little star

Since he was 11 months old, little Lucas Thorpe, 2 years old, has been battling against a rare form of bladder cancer. He is now launching the annual Cancer Research UK Little Star awards and has been named a real little star.

After months of chemotherapy, Lucas was given the opportunity to travel to America with his mum, dad and sister for 10 weeks of cutting-edge proton beam therapy treatment.

Unfortunately, the toddler developed pneumonia and septicaemia just two days after his arrival and had to fight for his life in intensive care. Lucas almost lost his right arm and leg to septicaemia but against all odds, he survived.

Though the infection took half of Lucas’ right foot, as well as the the tips of his toes and fingers, he has learned to adapt to his condition and even toddle by himself. « Considering he could have lost his life, we felt we could live with a few missing digits », his mom said. « We still had him, and that gave us hope and kept us going. » Soon after, Lucas was declared cancer free.

The toddler was rewarded for his courage and received a Cancer Research UK Little Star award. His mom, aged 28, said: « Lucas doesn’t let anything defeat him. He is a happy, outgoing little boy who stubbornly refuses help and wants to do everything himself ».

Cancer Research UK North West spokeswoman Jane Bullock said: « Lucas is a true ‘Little Star’ who richly deserves the accolade. We hope to acknowledge the bravery of many more children like Lucas and are urging family and friends to get nominating now. »

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