About Proton Therapy Today

Proton Therapy Today, the online magazine for proton therapy.

Proton Therapy Today is an editorial website which gathers serious, trustworthy stories and information about the “world of proton therapy”.

As the most advanced form of radiation therapy, proton therapy helps limit side effects of cancer treatment and is preferably used to fight cancers seated where side effects are particularly unwanted (brain or prostate cancers, pediatric cancers, etc.)  This type of treatment offers patients a more efficient and compassionate way of fighting against cancer.

However, today, proton therapy is only starting out: its accessibility is still low, though growing, which puts it at the center of a lively debate. Many people, patients, physicians, nurses, physicists, researchers, manufacturers are working diligently to develop and make this treatment option accessible to more patients worldwide.

“Proton Therapy Today” aims at telling the stories of these people worldwide, their experience with proton therapy and the journey of cancer patients and their family towards hope and recovery.  This website is humbly willing to put these modern-day heroes under the spotlight, so that their everyday efforts may be acknowledged and passed on to more people.


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