A mom needs life-changing cancer treatment

A major fundraising event will take place on February 22nd to help a mom with cancer get state-of-the-art proton therapy cancer treatment.

Lian Gittus, 33 years old, is a police community support officer from Wales. She’s currently on sick leave because she has an extremely rare form of cancer on her spine, called Ewing’s Sarcoma. Her family, friends and colleagues are trying to help her and have organized a fundraiser in case she fails to be granted proton therapy in America on the NHS, as paying for it privately will cost around £140,000.

A colleague of hers said: « Lian has suffered with this illness for the past two years and is in extreme pain much of the time. This has had a massive impact on not only her life but also on that of her husband, Jason and Chloe, their 11-year-old daughter. Due to the location of the tumor, within a vertebrae near her coccyx, it is not possible to operate without causing a significant amount of damage, possibly leaving her paralyzed. »

Intense chemotherapy has not worked, and standard radiotherapy will not fully remove the tumor, which leaves a great chance for the cancer to return. The only option left for Lian is to go to America and have proton beam therapy.

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