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Protons kept Washington State man in the saddle during prostate cancer therapy

Rich Braun has been commuting by bike to his job for seven years. In sun, rain and even snow. Forty-five minutes each workday morning, peddling a bit uphill, with the return trip a speedier 35 minutes. It’s a ritual by which Rich abides all year long. Come the weekend, Rich usually lets loose with a 50- or 60-mile trek. “Yeah, I live a pretty active lifestyle,” says the 60-year-old resident of Everett, Washington. Diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2012, Rich just assumed his daily commute on two wheels should stop during treatment at SCCA Proton Therapy, A ProCure Center, in Seattle, Washington. “I was kind of concerned,” Rich recalls. “I’m sitting on a bicycle, on this tiny seat right where my prostate is.” A few days into his nine-week treatment,... Full article

Numbers, types of proton therapy clinical studies on the rise

With 14 proton therapy centers currently operating in the United States and an additional 28 up and running worldwide, studies on the efficacy of using proton beam therapy for cancer treatment are being more widely conducted now than ever before. “Ten years ago, there were only three proton centers operating in the United States, so the number of patients who were being treated and actually could be included in clinical studies was fairly small,” says William Hartsell, M.D., radiation oncologist with Radiation Oncology Consultants, Ltd., and medical director of the CDH Proton Center in Chicago, Illinois. “But if you look at the percentage of those patients who were enrolled in clinical trials, it was actually a higher percentage than you would see from the conventional... Full article



WEB REVIEW – 12-year-old boy flies to USA for cancer treatment

Adrian Secareanu, 12, has flown to Florida to have life-saving treatment for a rare type of cancer, a mucoepidermoid carcinoma, found in his neck and jaw. Adrian underwent several operations to remove his tumor. He is now having specialist proton therapy to prevent it from returning in a more aggressive form. Chesterfield-based national charity Kids ‘N’ Cancer recently launched a campaign to help Adrian and his... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Proton therapy for Hodgkin lymphoma

Bradford S. Hoppe, radiation oncologist
Many patients with Hodgkin lymphoma suffer from late effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatment, including the possible onset of breast cancer or heart disease. Early evidence suggests proton therapy offers safer long-term results. A study by the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute (UFPTI) shows that the use of proton therapy following chemotherapy in patients with Hodgkin lymphoma has a success... Full article

WEB REVIEW : British cancer boy’s letter from America

12 year-old boyis currently undergoing proton therapy in Jacksonville, Florida, for a rare tumor in his neck and jaw. He is the only child in the UK and the third child
in the world to be diagnosed with a mucoepidermoid tumor.   In response to Adrian’s remarkable story, Princethorpe College house coordinator Laura Miller rallied support and held a charity day involving over 600 pupils, 60 members of staff... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Young musician losing his eye to cancer

Seb James, a 23-year-old musician, went to the dentist with toothache and ended up being diagnosed with cancer and losing one of his eyes. Now wearing an eye patch, he tries to look on the positive side of life.   Seb is lead guitarist and lead singer with Callow Saints, and music got him through the darkest days of his life. He was just 21 when he had his wisdom tooth removed. But when the wound didn’t heal... Full article