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Slovakian woman sees life in new light after protons defeat rare sinus tumor

Gabriella recovering from her proton therapy and chemotherapy treatments
This is Part 2 of Gabriela’s story. Part 1 is here ! Recently married and in the second year of her career as a skincare sales representative, 31-year-old Gabriela Jágerská was shaken by her doctors’ discovery: A malignant tumor nearly the size of a tennis ball was growing in the sinus area on the right side of her face. Gabriela’s physicians in Bratislava, Slovakia, deemed surgery just too risky. As Gabriela endured two courses of chemotherapy, she and her husband awaited an assessment from physicians at the Proton Therapy Center Czech in Prague. “When you talk with the doctors there, they’re not talking to you about ‘you’ll be healthy again,’” says Gabriela. “They said it will be one year or two years before they’re sure the cancer is gone.”... Full article

Skincare sales rep embraces work and family following proton treatments in Prague

With stylish gradient sunglasses adorning her face, 31-year-old Gabriela Jágerská is back behind the wheel of her Volkswagon Polo, driving the lush, forested highways of central Slovakia to meet with health care professionals. Gabriela figures she puts as much as 4,000 kilometers, or nearly 2,500 miles, a month on her company car traveling to about 200 sales calls from her home in Banska Bystrica, where she lives with her husband and their dogs. Long hours on the road can be a drag for some people. Not Gabriela. Driving from clinic to clinic is part of the job she loves as a medical representative for a skincare pharmaceuticals company. Gabriela’s customers include dermatologists, pediatricians, allergists and pharmacists. Gabriela says she gets great satisfaction from... Full article



WEB REVIEW – Ruby Hodgson’s parents face devastating news

Brave 4-year-old Ruby Hodgson will need surgery again, after her tumor returned for the third time. After being first diagnosed in 2011 at just 22 months old, Ruby has already battled back from numerous operations, intensive chemotherapy, a stomach bug infection that left her life hanging in a balance, and a course of pioneering proton therapy in Florida, America in 2013. Ruby had three MRI scans since returning... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Teen hopeful thanks to proton therapy

Natalie Wright, 17, of Provo, Utah is hopeful the completion of proton therapy she received at a San Diego hospital will curb the growth of her tumor
Natalie Wright, 17, of Provo, Utah is hopeful the completion of proton therapy she received at a San Diego hospital will curb the growth of her tumor. Natalie was the first teen to finish the treatment at the hospital. When Natalie was 2, a walnut-sized tumor was found above her brain stem after her parents noticed she was drooling a lot and had trouble swallowing. A few days later, doctors removed most of the tumor but... Full article

WEB REVIEW – Raising awareness of melanoma

A woman with melanoma is sharing her story in hopes of raising awareness about her disease, one of the most serious forms of skin cancer, affecting young adults. "I assumed it was so easy to take care of", Tara Miller told herself when she discovered a bump behind her ear. But it was something much more serious than the 29-year-old would have ever imagined. The stage IV melanoma diagnosis was a shock, as Tara had always... Full article

House inspector kept scaling roofs during prostate cancer treatment

George was told to get robotic surgery to cure his prostate cancer but et chose proton therapy instead !
For 13 years, no rooftop was too tall for George Groeber to climb and inspect. He’d figure out a way to get up there. He had to. He knew families counted on him to be sure the biggest financial investment of their lives — a new home — was structurally sound and safe from top to bottom. And that they’re getting what they’re paying for. When George was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October 2013, he... Full article